The Wave 9-12

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In these next few chapters of the book we can really see how controlling the wave is and how everyone is reacting to it.

The book first starts off with the announcing that there is going to be pep rally but all of the kids are calling it the wave rally. Since Laurie is writing for the paper they have a meeting after school to try and figure out what to write for the next issue of the grapevine. Thats when a boy named Alex finally comes up with the idea to write a story on the wave since they are not in it they do not know what it is about. Laurie is the one assigned to write it so she takes it home. Her mother has a talk to her about how it is completely brainwashing and she starts to really see it herself. When she goes to school the next day they have the wave rally. Laurie is starting to go against it so she decided she is going to skip it. Soon after the hallway is covered with wave posters and booklets and Robert becomes Ben’s bodyguard. That is when the wave really takes control over David and he breaks up with her. After that when Laurie goes home she finds a not under her door which happens to be an article a kid wrote about the we for the paper. The next day at school when Laurie goes outside she sees this kid getting bugged about not joining then when she gets home that night her dad tells her a kid got beat up and that he was Jewish.
I think that the wave is starting to brainwash people so bad that the only thing they believe in or can ever really think about is the wave. They think that if you are not a part of the group that you do not deserve to be at school and that there is something wrong with you. I think that the kid that got beaten up didn’t want to join the wave because he was Jewish and because it went against his culture. This makes me really think about if the kids knew he was Jewish and if that was why they beat him up. I think that this has now gone way overboard because the whole school is under the wave and that is thew only thing people are really willing to learn about. They even changed the pep rally into¬† wave rally so hey could recroute new members. I think that this is going to take a big turn in the book. I think that the wave is going to spread outside of the school and bad things are going to happen. I also think that Laurie is going to publish the story into the newspaper and that David will not be happy about it and that the rest of the group will get him to make her stop. I also think something surprising is going to happen and that Laurie is going to find out she is Jewish because it would really change the way the story is. It would help explain why she is against it and would shock everybody.


Gadgets and The Web Together

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Almost everywhere you go in the world today there is some sort of new gadget , phone, computer etc that is always changing and upgrading the make the world more efficient. Two big things that make the world more up to date are gadgets and the web.

This topic really interests me because my class has been working on a little piece called “what the web is for” and it made me think a little more about how much the web is actually changing. Every year people from around the world meet up to talk ab0ut new changes in technology. This year there is an event that will take place on October 20 from 7 pm to 10 pm by Kudanshita Station in Tokyo Japan. In this conference they will talk about the future of the web and how gadgets are involved in the web more by dividing the meet into three different sections called New services and gadgets, Possibilities and futures for P.Cs and Digital camera and digital video in a net era.

To me this is important because as soon as the computer was invented there was a huge change in how the world ran. People could send messages and type to other people across the place where you lived. Then soon after Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet for us to have and now many gadgets are there for us to use while we are on it. It is like our generations new additions to the world wide web. People can now have gadgets like web cams and microphones on their computers or laptops that are built right in for your convenience. There are also gadgets that you can get that can tell you when your fridge is getting low, talk about getting lazy. People now days spend all their time on the computer but are people really just getting lazy by using these types of gadgets? I think that some of these gadgets are great but some of them are just plain weird, but whatever it is people keep buying and using them so there must be something for everyone’s taste out there.

Will Brazil Slump In Economical Crisis

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As you would all know the world is going through a great economic crisis. Everywhere you go there are jobs vanishing by the thousands but in others there are new opportunities to rebuild this economic system.

Brazil is one of those countries that is by far avoiding this job loss crisis. In the month of December when the economical crisis was at its worst the industrial production dropped 12% but soon rose again in the month of January by 2.3 %. Over the past four months the industrial production has dropped 18.2 which actually isn’t as bad as it seems but everyone knows these numbers add up over time. Right now the car sales are starting to rebound back from the big drop in sales, the construction money is getting used up, commodity prices are down and commercial bank loans are starting to get very hard to give out to even the best to of the line customers.

I think these facts are very important to the economic world because it shows just how bad it is getting these days. I think even though these numbers seem high Brazil still has a strong running industrial production because when you look at Canada and the U.S.A the type of jobs we have and depend on are different. Here in Canada a lot of people are in the mining industry. Since the economy is in a slump there have been thousands of people who have lost their jobs. Although it may not be as bad the such places as the U.S.A and China it is impacting our country in a big way. This means mothers and fathers must go work somewhere else and the money eventually adds up over time. In Brazil even though they might be struggling in lets say the car sales industry it is not as big because with a country so big the sales will go back up over a little bit of time.

Brazil Street Carnival

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Brazil is known to have many big events (over 150 a day) that are very interesting and that are lots of fun. This year Brazil hosted their annual Brazil Carnival was a huge hit. It was held on February 21 in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Many people from all over Europe and Africa and South America come to celebrate together and have a fun time. One of the main parts of the carnival is dressing up in costumes to show off around the country. Some of the costumes can get pretty funny and can be pretty far out there.
I think this is neat and shows how great Brazil would be to but my business because there are so many cool things that are always going on and I think it would be a neat experience for the people working there. I think this would be something that I would like to go and see because it would be so neat to see all of the different costumes or traditional things that they have and how they celebrate big events like the huge party that they have. One thing that I would not like about it is that it is so big and crowded it would be very pushy and it would be hard to get around without bumping into people. You could also run into someone who is not as good person who could rob you.

The wave 5-8

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The first four chapters of the wave starting out very boring to me but then the book started to get more interesting.

In the wave the whole group that VBen Ross has made up is starting to grow stronger and spread more across  the schoo. He decides to add strenght through community and strennght through action. He also decides to make the group more efficent by making up a little salute that is like making a wave with your hand. He also then talks about how to be able to suceed in something you can not ork by yourself but you must all work togehter s a team putting lots of effort into things. This makes the two footbll players think that the wave will help them win so the go and teach it to all of the players on the team hoping that it will make them win. It also makes Robert the loser with no friends joing the more popular grooup with Laurie which makes her un happy. She then starts to see that it is not all for fun but that the teacher is starting to brainwash and take controll over them after her mom brings up what is actualy happening. She must be careful how she acts though because Ben Ross has also made cards so that some of the kids can be spies.

I think these chapters are very interesting and important because the kids think of it as jut some fun little project when they are actualy getting brain washed and are being treated like robots. The one thing that i think is good is that when he added streanght through community then everyone started hanging out togehter not caring anymore and all the groups started to go away which meant people like Robert could have friends and be happier. I also think an important part of the book was when Laurie told her mom everything because she told ehr daughter that she better be careful because it sounds to her like the teacher is brainwashing her. This made her look at the situation and realize that it must be because everything is starting to get very strict and everybody is starting to grow like a community . I think in the next chapters that this whole thing will start to grow and the whole school will get into it or the kids will turn out like the brown shirts.

Welcome to Sao Paolo

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In social studies class we are doing a big project. This project is designed for us to find a city somewhere outside of North America and do some research on it. We have to put ourselves as 25 year old architecture builders looking to build a business outside of the continent. The city I have chosen to do is Sao Paolo Brazil.

The reason I have picked this city to build my buisnes in is because not only is it the seventh big city in the world but there are lot of unique and interesting things about it that I think people would go there to work for. Sao Paolo is a city that has a hot climate which only reaches down to the single digits in the winter. They get lots of rain and are by the water but have never had any kind of typhoon or hurricane activity. Another great thing about it is that it has a very good economy and is one of the best places in all or Brazil to go shopping or swimming down by the beach. There are also several islands around the city. Some of the disadvantages are that since it is such a big city it is very crowded and is growing very fast which means lots of traffic, less houses at higher prices and safety issues. A lot of taxis there are not marked so you could get in with a stranger who will rob you or who will set you up so you get bet up or mugged.

I think Sao Paolo is a big city with many good advantages you could use to build a business in.

The Wave

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So unfortunately the time has come again to do another novel. This year we are reading a novel called the wave which is based on a true story.

In the first four chapters of the story we learn about all of the characters including the history teacher named Ben Ross. In his history class he decided he was going to teach the kids about the Nazis and the Germans so he showed him a video and started talking about how brutal this war was and about how bad these concentration camps were. After the movie one the students started asking questions until one kid came upon one that made the teacher start to wonder. After class he went home and then went and checked out almost every book he could find but noticed that the answer to the question could not be found on paper. He decided that the only true way these kids would learn about how bad the concentrations camps truely were was that he would conduct an experiment to teach them.

To me this book was interesting because this teacher was teaching kids about world war II and he seemed to be so interested in it like he knew a lot. When one of the kids asks him the question on why the Germans just didn’t go up to the Nazis and say no or why they just didn’t fight back or all leave he is so stumped like he must find the answer. I think that he knew there wasn’t an answer and that no one was able to write the words of what it was like on paper. The end of the chapter really got me thinking of what is going to happen next because Mr. Ross decided that there is no better way for the kids to learn about the concentration camps rather then to conduct an experiment to show them exacualy what it is like. I also wonder why he decided that he is going to dicipline them and I wonder what is going to happen to the kids or the school like if it is going to spread across and if the kids are going to learn their lesson that started out as a normal history class and a normal movie.